About Us

Water-Tech is a subsidiary of MAS Electronics (UK) Ltd. For over 20 years MAS has been designing and manufacturing control systems for the use in lifts, environmental, farming and medical industries.

We pride ourselves in our ability to adapt very quickly to the new advances in today's fast moving technology. Working with a team of top circuit and software designers we are able to bring new products to the market with speed and confidence.

The latest range of products comes on the back of the environmental issues, which are affecting all our lives today. Advances in technology has enabled us to design new LED lighting with fantastic lumination, such as the resent application of LED lighting at the Empire state building in New York.

Also our water conditioning systems have been servicing many customers for over 15 years, from USA, Greece, Spain, Ireland and mainland UK. Satisfaction from our customers is paramount therefore all our products come with full money back guarantees if not satisfied.

All our product are covered by the European Council Directive 89/336/EEC and conforms to the following European Standards.

EN50081-1 EN50081-2 EN61000-3-2 Class A
Manufactured in the UK by MAS Electronics (UK) Ltd.

We test to a very high standard to make sure customer satisfaction is paramount.